Well Hello Elkhorn!

Well Hello Elkhorn!

This past weekend we traveled to the beautiful and picturesque Elkorn Resort – just steps away from Riding Mountain National Park in central Manitoba.

Why you ask?

Well, our newly designed boutique saunas were delivered and set-up as part of Elkhorn’s up-coming Nordic Spa. We also decided to shoot a promotional video (thanks Handcraft!) – and people, let me just say even though it was cold, the shots Handcraft captured were…in a word perfect.

Here are some pictures we snapped during our time at Elkhorn. These were just taken with our personal devices, the more professional shots ill be released in the near future.

All Manitoba health protocols were followed during our time at Elkhorn.

Thank-you to the staff and peeps from Elkhorn; the Sputnik team, Ray and the team from Handcraft Creative, and our models who braved the cold and put up with us!





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