So…this is our story


sauna | Winnipeg was established in 2019 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We operate from the picturesque and historic location of The Forks in Winnipeg.  We offer to the public our three pillars – Community | Health | Fun


People can rent time in our saunas, use our facilities, relax and enjoy the scenery at The Forks.

When COVID hit in 2020, and we had to close. As sad as it was to close (temporarily), it opened the door to a new possibility, which has become a reality.


Last year, while our doors were closed, we worked with Sputnik Architecture – we designed and built Modern Log-Cabin saunas. And, let us tell you, these saunas are BEAUTIFUL! As nice as the barrel saunas are, they are nothing compared to our sleek design.


We are again open at our Forks location and you can book your totally private sauna session from our book now page. We have one of our beautiful Modern Log-Cabin saunas, or our nifty little barrel sauna available.


If you invest in one of our saunas, you’re investing in your health.

90 Mins of Sauna Time

For 90 minutes, you and your party will have access to our premises. This includes a private sauna experience, access to our reception cabin, and our outdoor fire.

Before you arrive

You can reserve for a private group of up to six people and this can be done through our website. It is always polite to shower ahead of time. Please bring a bathing suit, footwear,  and a refillable water bottle. Beverages are available on site. Water and tea are complimentary. Robes are available for rent. Each guest will be given two towels.


A typical sauna session is a cycle of heat, followed by a blast of cold, and finally, air. Most people sit in a sauna for 10-15 minutes, followed by a cold shower or a jump in the snow, and then outside air for about 5-10 minutes. Drinking water and being properly hydrated is highly recommended during air time.


We’re on the lower level of The Outdoor Common. Overlooking the Assiniboine.


Reserve a Sauna Today

If you want to reserve a sauna use the button below.