2022 eh…

2022 eh…

Not sure if we need to say anymore than that. We are only into the third month of the year and to say people on edge is an understatement. We don’t have to tell you the troubles rifling through our global community, and how divisive we have become as a people. That’s why your health is so important right now. Physical health, and also your mental health. Our three pillars are more important than ever now – COMMUNITY | HEALTH | FUN.

Sometimes you need your community. Your people. Sometimes you need to lean on those around you, and sometimes they need you. A sauna is a great place to lean on each other. To talk. To listen. To hear each other. And, to relax. Some of our best conversations have happened in a sauna. COMMUNITY.

The day-to-day news, the negativity, the doom-scrolling can really take a toll on our health. Motivation to do the things you love may dwindle. You may stop exercising, or eating properly, or avoiding interactions and social situations. This affects your health, Physically and especially mentally. That’s why a sauna session is so great. It not only is good for your physical health (check out the Benefits of Sauna page), but your mental health as well. As you sit in a sauna you can actually feel the stressors of the day drip away. A sauna session reset is great for the mind and body. HEALTH.

Have you ever rolled around in the snow? Have you ever sat around a fire with friends? Have you ever done these things in a bathing suit? That’s the beauty of a sauna session. There are times we just need to let loose, and a snow roll brings out those endorphins and uncontrollable laughing. It releases stress and increases happiness. FUN.

Last, when we at sauna | WINNIPEG see our three pillars in action, it brings joy to our little team. We see the reset. We see the stress some people have when they arrive, and we see how relaxed, recharged, and happy they are when they leave.

Book your sauna session today and we’ll sell you one for keeps!



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