Masking Up!

Masking Up!

Many people have inquired about our plan moving forward as our government has loosened restrictions. Just to let you know, here is what we are doing moving forward to ensure your safety and health:

  • Our staff will continue to wear masks inside.
  • Sauna bookings will be PRIVATE only – ensuring that the people you book your session with are from your own bubble.. 
  • When you check in, hand sanitizer will be provided for you.
  • The change HUTZ will be sanitized and cleaned between use.  
  • Saunas will continue to be cleaned and disinfected after each use.
  • Towels are provided for your sauna experience and guests must sit on a towel when in the sauna.
  • We will respect the decision of our guests of whether or not they wear a mask, as long as our guests are respectful to us.

Spring is in the air and we have about six weeks left – so book your safe sauna session today!



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