““The fun thing about the sauna ritual is that there really is only one rule: ‘Close the sauna door!,” he said. “Outside of that, it’s a lesson in freedom. If you’re hot, you leave. If you get cold, you go in.” – Glenn Auerbach

The following video is a must if you would like to learn about the benefits of the sauna. Glen Auerbach is a sauna enthusiast and founder of The Sauna Times. A long time sauna enthusiast, Glenn has been preaching about the health benefits of regular sauna use for over 30 years. The whole video has been divided into sections listed below.

​ Intro

03:09​ Glenn practices the Finnish tradition of sauna building.

06:01​ Infrared sauna is not a real sauna, according to Glenn.

08:25​ The heat up and cool down from sauna are equally important.

11:40​ Authentic saunas are most often placed next to lakes in Finland.

15:40​ Glenn likes a Friday Happy Hour sauna session to end his work week. Finns traditionally do a Wednesday and a Saturday sauna.

17:52​ Sauna can be a vehicle for socialization.

19:40​ In Finland, sauna is always done naked, so genders are segregated. In Germany, they sauna naked and co-ed. In the US we sauna in swimsuits and go co-ed.

22:06​ Minnesota has a generational tradition of sauna. There are small pockets of generational sauna communities in the US.

24:33​ There are mobile saunas.

30:35​ Building your own sauna requires W.I.T.: will, information and time. Build at your own pace.

34:07​ Building your own is rewarding. Customize and create what you want.

38:00​ “Every sauna has its own soul.” The maker of the sauna creates the soul.

46:10​ Properly ventilated air, which subtly moves across your body, feels hotter than the ambient temperature. Vents can be added later.

49:22​ You can start with a shed or carve it into your garage.

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